Hey, I mean this as more of a thought than an actual question, but do you plan on giving the blog to someone else? I doubt I'd be able to run it, but there's more than plenty of Jade fans out there who'd kill to run this blog! I love your art, and I hope you find a fandom you like as much as you liked Homestuck!

nah son! i’ve ran this blog to its grave; some things just have to be kept down y’kno.

but i appreciate the thought of others wanting to run it aha! and i’m glad you like my art! (tho it’s p crap compared to what i can do now lmao)

whts ur personal blog now then??? I'll follow u if ur ok w. tht!!!

my personal blog is and i often post (fan/original) art on it

i blog about distasteful stuff, fair warning. you prob wont find any homestuck on it either lol.

but yea it’s fine! i dont honestly see a reason for anyone to continue following this ask blog. i’m surprised i still have +1000 followers tho

Well there's not much to read at the moment since it's the gigapause...

ya but i havent even read several months worth of updates

ive just grown bored of it i guess. that’s prob why i havent even bothered resuming this blog

i dont even read homestuck anymore„

i dont even read homestuck anymore„


Fans first voice acting. uwu 

aaaah thank you for doing some voices for me man (i dont recall if i got any before tbh) but this is really neat!! you should def do more in the future.

sorry that this is a week late aha. i’ve been busy with stuff so i never really got the chance to reblog this.

(im still just as dead as the real jade harley soz)

Jade why do you still have your Christmas stuff still on it's the middle of February.

well.. you know…



this iS SOOO LATE forgive me.

Important note:

Wasn’t able to update yesterday since something important came up last night. I’ll see if I can get at least -one- up, dshdsggs. Sorry.

Anyway, I am contemplating putting this blog on hiatus. I can no longer keep up with it due to school work and other stuff. Last year, school didn’t interfere or barely interfered with the blog so I was able to update more frequently. However, that has changed, if that isn’t evident enough. I’ve been updating ever other week or even longer and that’s been bothering me, stressing me, even. I love this blog but I feel now it’s killing me more than burdening me, lol.

I’m posting this now because I assume some of you are pretty fucking tired of me updating less often, so here’s a heads up. u-u

I will leave the ask and submissions box opened, however, and this won’t stop me from reading them or being inspired to doodle something. I just can’t handle drawing full-fledged responses right now. Maybe next time!

EDIT: I should probably change the icon before doing so, though…